The Miracle Club
The Miracle Club

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Starring: Laura Linney,Kathy Bates,Maggie Smith,Stephen Rea,Agnes O'Casey,Shauna Higgins
Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Movie Studio: Zephyr Films
Genre: Drama
Other Genres: Comedy
Run Time: 91 Minutes
Release Date: 7/14/2023
Synopsis: Set in 1967, THE MIRACLE CLUB is a heartwarming film that follows the story of three generations of close friends, Lily (Maggie Smith), Eileen (Kathy Bates), and Dolly (Agnes O'Casey) of Ballygar, a hard-knocks community in Dublin, who have one tantalizing dream: to win a pilgrimage to the sacred French town of Lourdes, that place of miracles that draws millions of visitors each year. When the chance to win presents itself, the women seize it. However, just before their trip, their old friend...MORE
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Showtimes for The Miracle Club
Montgomery Cinemas
Montgomery Shopping Center
1325 US Highway 206
Skillman, NJ 08558
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Tue, Sep 26 :  7:45 P
Wed, Sep 27 :  7:45 P
Thu, Sep 28 :  7:45 P

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The Miracle Club

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