Out of Death
Out of Death

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Starring: Jaime King,Bruce Willis,Lala Kent,Tyler Jon Olson,Kelly Greyson,Michael Sirow
Director: Mike Burns
Movie Studio: Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO Films)
Genre: Thriller
Other Genres: Adventure,Crime
Run Time: 98 Minutes
Release Date: 7/16/2021
Synopsis: As Shannon - a woman who wants to put her father's ashes away in the woods - witnesses a corrupt cop dealing drugs with a junkie, she has to try and run away after she gets rampaged by two discreditable cops after they see the woman taking secret photographs of their crime manoeuvre. They then do a cat-and-mouse game around the woods as Shannon teams up with a retired sheriff along the way for more reinforcement. It's just a diversion of survival and egalitarianism.
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Out of Death

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