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Starring: Keith Kupferer,Katherine Mallen Kupferer,Tara Mallen,Dolly de Leon,Hanna Dworkin,Dexter Zollicoffer
Director: Alex Thompson,Kelly O'Sullivan
Movie Studio: Little Engine
Genre: Comedy
Other Genres: Drama
Run Time: 110 Minutes
Release Date: 6/14/2024
Synopsis: A reserved construction worker and his rebellious teenage daughter bond through a production of Romeo & Juliet.

Showtimes for Ghostlight
Montgomery Cinemas
Montgomery Shopping Center
1325 US Highway 206
Skillman, NJ 08558
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Sat, Jul 20 :  2:05 P 4:45 P 7:30 P
Sun, Jul 21 :  2:05 P 4:45 P 7:30 P
Mon, Jul 22 :  2:05 P 4:45 P 7:30 P
Tue, Jul 23 :  2:05 P 4:45 P 7:30 P

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